How do I make my vacation requests?

Online at www.tr3414433.gttrends.com

How will I know my reservations are confirmed?

You will receive the first email through the Travel Agency that places your reservation, confirming the details of your reservation request. When your reservation has been booked and successfully purchased, you will receive a second email which confirms the complete purchase of your booking.

Where can I go and what type of accommodations can I expect?

GT Trends has access to thousands of airlines, luxurious resort properties and hotels, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages worldwide to suit all levels of style and taste. Simply go to the website and check all the travel categories and reserve/book the travel arrangement of your choice.

What other benefits does GT Trends offer?

GT Trends is an upscale internet-based travel membership and booking engine that provides members/Associate Travel Agents with tremendous travel discounts and/or upgrades (upon availability and qualifications by the suppliers) on airfare, resort accommodations, hotels, car rentals, cruises, all-inclusive resorts, guided tours and specialty programs, as well as providing a unique opportunity to have fun, travel and make money.

How do I or my referrals book travel services?

GT Trends has an online travel centre that is easy and fun to use. Your online travel centre is www.tr3414433.gttrends.com . You must register one time as a customer and will be permanently linked to that Travel Center.

How much will I pay for my travel?

GT Trends provides it's active members/ATA's with tremendous savings in all areas of travel! We offer beautiful destinations and accommodations through our members only alliances which offer travel bookings at industry rates as low as 90% below published standard rates. These are available in in the member's only section.

How do I become a Member/ATA/Business Builder with GT Trends?

GT Trends offers two levels of participation and product purchase amounts.

Purchase our Online Associate Travel Agent Training Manual. All prices are in USD. The Complete Business Builder product package is $299.00. The Junior ATA product package is $100. The Junior ATA product package may upgrade later by earning their way to the business builder status. All product packages are eligible to receive travel commissions and retail bonuses. Only the product packages that include the Business Builder status may be immediately eligible to receive all bonuses on the 8 different ways to earn income with GT Trends. All product packages agree to a one time $20 business set up fee upon purchase. All product packages agree to an ongoing monthly business maintenance fee of $19.95, charge begins on the first day of the following month.

*Only a 72 hour Refund Period* applies for all Product Purchases.

*Cancellation of the monthly business maintenance must be made with at least a 7 day notice in writing to processing@gttrends.com.

How often do I get paid?

Weekly! GT Trends has a specially designed, real time, online accounting system that allows you to track your genealogy and money earned via the Internet on a daily basis. Travel commissions, however, are paid monthly. You can earn 50% of the commissions sent from the travel suppliers and vendors on our travel center.

How many sales do I need to qualify as an active member and ATA/Business Builder?

To participate in the Sales Bonuses/commissions you need a minimum of two sales, at least 1 must be on one team and another on the other team, pass the online ATA Exam, and maintain your monthly business maintenance. Remember, only ATA/Business Builders that are active/mbmActive can earn and receive the sales bonuses. Active/mbmActive signifies that you are currently subscribing to the Monthly Business Maintenance fee (MBM). Active signifies that you have just enrolled and purchased our product.

How do I get started as a Member/ATA/Business Builder?

It's easy! Fill out the online signup application (on this website), purchase 1 of the product options, then follow the emailed instructions on how to access and use our complete turn-key tools and setup to become an effective and successful GT Trends Member/ATA/Business Builder.

Can I refer my friends, family, and associates?

Yes! GT Trends is an innovative, interactive, person-to-person marketing company that is built on sharing quality travel, fun and opportunity with others while making money. It is an international internet based company accepting online purchases worldwide.